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Flash Banner

This is a simple project used as a header on my Blog Tracker page:

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The banner contains several mouseover behaviors, based on where the mouse "rolls off" the object. Moving the mouse over the left, right, or center of the banner, and then pulling it away, will cause the banner to animate differently for each area. Finally, clicking the mouse on the banner causes the text to disappear and be replaced by a Pong-style game.

The game uses basic equations for elastic collisions, and some randomization, to model the ball's bounces. The velocity of the ball is slowly increased as the game continues, making the game progressively more difficult. If the user "loses" the game, the users score is encrypted and sent via querystring to a scoring page. The scoring page uses PHP to decrypt the score and display it. It also uses cookies stored by the Blog Tracker site to keep track of a user's score and high scores. If a user does not have a tracking cookie, the generic login of "Guest" is used.

A major problem with the banner is its poor rendering of the main text. The text is implemented as a layer mask. In Flash, a layer mask is represented by a binary bitmap. Unfortunately, this makes anti-aliasing impossible and causes the edges of the text to appear coarse. This is a Flash limitation that is currently unavoidable.

The size of this Flash project is 7 kB.

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