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I have worked with computers since the age of six, starting with our household's Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer. By typing in programming examples and then modifying them to change colors or other program behaviors, I learned my first programming language, BASIC. As an adult programmer, I've found that "real world" problem-solving is a similar process of investigation, combination, and experimentation.

I am currently a doctoral student in the COS program at CMU. My advisor is Dr. Lorrie Cranor. Before coming to Pittsburgh, I graduated from the M.S. program in Computer Science at BGSU. While there, I completed a Master's Thesis based on an original design for a picture-based password system. I also worked a full-time assistantship with BGSU ITS where I was supervisor of the Hardware Support department. My department was responsible for fixing hardware issues with all Dell and Apple systems on campus, plus hardware and software issues with personally-owned faculty, student, and staff systems.

My interests include computer security, privacy, and cognitive science. I have worked professionally as a web developer and in IT and PC support. I have also administered local Linux servers and co-located, Linux-based Internet game servers. My hobbies include exercise, movies, comics, and reading websites like The Straight Dope and LessWrong.

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