Old Projects

These projects were completed before I came to Pittsburgh. If you are interested in what I've been doing for the past three years, you can view my resume/CV here.

Master's Thesis - In fulfillment of the thesis option for the M.S. program at BGSU, I researched, designed, developed, and tested a picture-based password system.
Tetrachoric - A Visual Basic module which calculates the tetrachoric correlation for a given set of frequencies. Converted from FORTRAN to structured Visual Basic (all GOTO statements removed).
Lorenz Equations - The final project in my Numerical Methods class was an ODE solver. I compiled some of my results into a very simple Flash movie.
Blog Tracker - A web site project which tracks blogs and displays updates. Uses PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.
Flash Navigator - A Flash project which displays an interactive 3D model using Flash's 2D drawing engine. Uses ActionScript classes and Quaternion math. Can be displayed using the "Enable Spinner" button to the left.
Flash Banner - Another Flash project designed to be used as a banner on my homepage. Utilizes a variety of rollover effects and contains an embedded Pong-style game.

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